Clyburn: Supply Chain Issues Are Global, ‘Not Joe Biden Problems’

Clyburn: Supply Chain Issues Are Global, ‘Not Joe Biden Problems’

October 18, 2021

Saturday on CNN’s Smerconish, House Majority Whip James Clyburn insisted laughably that the supply chain issues plaguing the U.S. economy are not “Joe Biden problems” but global problems, and no president could “possibly do anything about these issues.”

“Look, when you don’t have an epidemic, which could be limited to your own borders, you’ve got a pandemic,” he said. “We’ve got the worst in 100 years. Now, we have got to come to grips with the fact that we’re having a global phenomenon here, an international or a worldwide pandemic, that’s affecting everything. If you are on the Pacific coast, you have ships sitting out in the waters. We don’t have that on the Atlantic coast, and there’s a reason for that.”

The reason, Clyburn claims ridiculously, is that we can’t get goods because Chinese plants are closed due to the pandemic. How does that explain why ships full of those goods are waiting offshore on the West Coast? No, the supply chain issues are entirely due to this Democrat administration continuing to exploit the manufactured pandemic in order to wreak havoc with the economy intentionally.

“I wish that we would spend a little more time, all of us, educating people as to what the real problems are,” Clyburn blathered. “These are not Joe Biden problems.”

Fact check: yes, they are.

“These are global problems that we should all address and not try to put the blame on the sitting president,” Clyburn continued. “I don’t care who’s in the White House. They could not possibly do anything about these issues that you and I are now talking about.”

If Clyburn, Biden, and the rest of the administration “can’t possibly do anything” about this crisis, they need to step down and let Republicans in to get the job done.

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