Clyburn: Questioning the 2020 Election Akin to Rise of Fascism

Clyburn: Questioning the 2020 Election Akin to Rise of Fascism

November 8, 2022

This week on Fox News Sunday, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) claimed that those skeptical of how the 2020 election was conducted were aligning themselves with a movement similar to the rise of fascism in Europe in the 1930s.

Asked about his repeated comparisons to Republicans as Nazis and how Jewish organizations and others say that belittles the suffering of the Holocaus, Clyburn replied, “I’ve talked to many Jews. We have many Jews in my congressional district, and they are very — supporters of mine. They note that this is a stuff that causes those kinds of deterioration in democracy. This is not anything about whether — how difficult it was, I talk about slavery and how difficult it was.

“But that — to discuss the facts of what’s going on here, election deniers setting up positions by which little committees led by governors can overturn the results of an election, to call the press the enemy of the people, to co-op evangelicals — and I grew up in a Christian faith, in a parsonage, born and raised in a parsonage,” he continued. “I know a whole lot about religion, and I know there’s always an attempt to co-opt religions and that is going on here. And people want to deny it, that’s fine. But the facts are very clear. I studied history all of my life. I taught history and I’m telling you what I see here are parallels to what the history was in this world back in the 1930s in Germany, in Italy.”

Puh-leeze. No one is buying anymore this relentless Democrat demonization of their political opponents as the equivalent of Hitlerian fascists.

The host asked, “Are voters, though, out there listening to this message to infer from what you’re saying that if they don’t vote for Democrats in this election, that they are somehow supporting something akin to the rise of Hitler?”

Clyburn ranted, “No, if they don’t vote against election deniers, if they don’t vote against liars, people who will lie, know full well they’re lying, we all know they are lying. This was cleanest election in the history of the country, Donald Trump’s own appointee said it was the cleanest in the history of the country. So, if they are lying, they’re denying, they’re trying to delete, they’re trying to nullify our votes, vote against that foolishness.”

The “cleanest election in the history of the country”? “We all know they are lying”? On the contrary, we all know who the liars are who nullified the legitimate will of the people in 2020.

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