Clyburn on Trump: ‘I Don’t Think He’s Going to Escape This’

Clyburn on Trump: ‘I Don’t Think He’s Going to Escape This’

February 12, 2021

Friday on CNN’s New Day, House Majority Whip James Clyburn conceded that former President Trump is unlikely to be impeached by the Senate, but said he does not think Trump is “going to escape” without consequences in other states. He warned that “this is just the beginning.”

“You know, I watched very intently, especially on yesterday as the House managers closed their remarks. They were brilliant all week. They have allowed the American people to see exactly who and what Donald Trump is,” Clyburn declared. “This, to me, is a big contribution to the Republican Party. I don’t see how they could possibly not take this opportunity to free themselves of the yoke that this man is around their necks.”

In fact, the House managers presented misleading information about Trump and still couldn’t make a convincing case. And far from being a yoke around the collective necks of the Republican Party, Trump is the only man who can save it.

“And so, I don’t know that they’ll do it. I suspect that they’ll give him a mulligan as they did before, but Donald Trump knows very well the next mulligan he gets is going to have to be on the golf course because they’re waiting for him down in Fulton County, Georgia, as well as up in New York. I don’t think he’s going to escape this. This is just the beginning,” he concluded.

What the Democrats have shown in this sham impeachment trial is that, far from being the party of “unity,” they are the party of personal destruction and political retribution.

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