Clyburn: ‘Nobody Asked’ For ‘Stormtroopers’ Feds in Portland

Clyburn: ‘Nobody Asked’ For ‘Stormtroopers’ Feds in Portland

July 27, 2020

Sunday on MSNBC’s Kasie DC, House Majority Whip James Clyburn complained that “nobody asked” the Trump administration to send “stormtroopers in order to incite people,” by which he meant federal agents sent to protect federal property in riot-torn Portland.

“Who protects that federal courthouse every day of the week? Who protected it two months ago? The local law enforcement people know how to protect property…” argued Clyburn, ignoring that local cops have been overwhelmed by rioters. “And if they need help in protecting those buildings, they will ask the federal government for help.”

“Nobody asked the federal government to come into Portland,” he blathered. “Nobody asked them to come to Seattle. This is something that’s made up out of whole cloth by this administration as an excuse for sending in stormtroopers in order to incite people.”

Clyburn’s smear of federal agents as “stormtroopers” is shameful demagoguery. They didn’t “incite” peaceful demonstrators to riot; the riots had already been raging, unabated by local law enforcement, until Trump finally had to act — which is what Dems want, so they can blame him for “inciting” violence with “stormtroopers.”

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