Clyburn: Condemn Manchin if He Blocks Passage of Voting Rights

Clyburn: Condemn Manchin if He Blocks Passage of Voting Rights

January 10, 2022

Friday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said if Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) blocked the Democrats from changing the filibuster rules to pass voting rights, he should be condemned and compared to former Sen. Strom Thurmond, an opponent of the Civil Rights Movement.

“I believe Joe Manchin is proud of his record in West Virginia and the country. I don’t believe he’d like to see that record sullied by going down in history as one who, out of tradition, set out to deny basic rights to American people,” Clyburn stated. “Now we’ve had that to happen in the past. Strom Thurmond, in 1957 set the filibuster record against a Civil Rights bill that wasn’t a bill. It was just a statement of policy. I don’t think Joe Manchin would want to see that for himself.”

Asked by racist propagandist host Joy Reid if it’s time for a Civil Rights group like the NAACP “to condemn [Manchin] as to being akin to a modern-day Strom Thurmond,” Clyburn replied, “No question. I have a long history in South Carolina. I knew Strom Thurmond well. We used to have desks next to each other when we worked state government together, and so that didn’t stop me from saying to Strom Thurmond you’re off base and need to reckon with the truth. I’ll say the same thing here. I’ll join with my colleagues in the NAACP and every other Civil Rights organization doing what is necessary to call these people out.”

Manchin has frustrated his fellow Democrats in their far-left, budget-busting, big government agenda, and this exchange is an example of how Party leaders and the state media are colluding to target and demonize him for it. Dissension in the ranks will not be tolerated.

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