Clyburn: ‘Absolutely Concerned’ About Legitimacy of Elections

Clyburn: ‘Absolutely Concerned’ About Legitimacy of Elections

January 22, 2022

Thursday on CNN’s New Day, radical leftist Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) agreed with decrepit President Joe Biden, who questioned the legitimacy of the 2022 midterm elections depending on the passage of Democrat voting rights legislation.

“[H]ow could it be a legitimate election if you’ve got those kinds of things hanging over you?” Clyburn asked, referring to the ludicrously false Democrat claim that voters standing in line for hours at election locations would be forbidden from drinking any water. “And so that’s what we’re trying to do here — put some federal oversight so when people make these kinds of felonious accusations at the voting booth, you can do something about it or at least prevent it.”

No, what Clyburn and his fellow radicals are trying to do is federalize elections so that they can control their outcome. They want to ensure America will be a perpetually one-party state.

“You’ve got 19 states that have already passed 34 laws to make it harder to vote, to make the lines longer, getting rid of drop boxes so that people would not have the convenience of voting, and you tell me you want the Democrats to make sure that it’s fair?” Clyburn continued. “Do the Republicans have any responsibility for this? It’s their state. They are the majority in the legislature where these laws are being passed. Please talk to the Republicans and ask them, ‘Why are you doing this? What are you afraid of? What is it about democracy you do not want to have? Why do you want to install some cult as your party? And some cult leader as your presidential nominee?’ These are questions that I think need to be asked of the Republican Party. They are the ones making these changes.”

This is a demonstrably insane rant, and CNN didn’t call Clyburn out on it because the network is a propaganda outlet, not a journalism outlet. Republican election legislation is not making it harder to vote — it’s designed to make it harder to cheat, and that is why the Democrats are opposed to it. That is why the Democrats have to fashion the lie that it is Republicans, not themselves, who want to eliminate democracy.

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