Clooney: Biden ‘Very Smart, Very Wise’ and ‘Compassionate’ Man

Clooney: Biden ‘Very Smart, Very Wise’ and ‘Compassionate’ Man

December 24, 2020

In an interview with USA Today, actor/activist/elitist George Clooney gushed about Presidential-wannabe Joe Biden, describing the lifelong politician with no accomplishments as “a compassionate, kind man” and a “very smart, wise man.” You read that right.

“I feel like we’re in so much better shape because I do think this: moments meet the man or woman. And this is Joe Biden’s moment,” the smug Clooney pontificated. “He is a compassionate, kind man. And we’re going to need that after we’ve lost probably close to 400,000 people by the time we get [the coronavirus pandemic] in our rear-view mirror.”

“We’re going to need compassion through this and he is every bit of that, on top of being a very smart, wise guy, wise man,” he continued, adding that Biden will have “a really effective presidency.” Effective at what — fundamentally transforming America into a Progressive dystopia?

Clooney, a big fundraiser for Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, who snickered prior to the 2016 election that Donald Trump would never be president, neglected to mention Joe’s involvement in international influence-peddling or the corrupt business scandals involving his son Hunter Biden, which the wise, compassionate Joe himself dismissed recently as  “Russian disinformation.”

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