Clinton: Trump Will Be ‘Stacking Sandbags’ to Stay in Office

Clinton: Trump Will Be ‘Stacking Sandbags’ to Stay in Office

September 3, 2020

In an interview with American Urban Radio’s April Ryan, former President Bill Clinton mocked President Trump over what he anticipates will be his election loss to Joe Biden in November, claiming that Trump will be “stacking sandbags” to stay in the White House.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton told Ryan that Trump will “cheat” and “sneak” in this election, prompting Ryan to fantasize that Trump will refuse to leave the White House. Inauguration Day could feature a “split-screen” showing Biden being inaugurated and “the military going in” to pull Trump out of the White House.

“I was just thinking he probably won’t even come to Biden’s inauguration,” Bill chimed in. “He’ll be stacking sandbags in front of the White House.” He went on to say that, in contrast with Trump, he and Hillary “want to welcome [you] to be part of our America,” Trump, on the other hand, “needs you, us, to be unwelcome, to not be part of his America. Because he can’t live without somebody to badmouth.”

In 2016 it was candidate Hillary, not Trump, who “badmouthed” half the country, denigrating Trump supporters as “deplorables.”

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