Clinton Foundation Donation Clouds VA Governor Debate

Clinton Foundation Donation Clouds VA Governor Debate

July 8, 2021

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) anchor Judy Woodruff, who likely will be named to moderate an upcoming Virginia Bar Association (VBA) debate, has made a donation to the corrupt Clinton Foundation that links her inextricably to Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe, according to Breitbart News.

Since political organizations are usually creatures of habit, given the fact that Woodruff has moderated debates for the VBA in the last two gubernatorial elections in Virginia there is a good chance that the organization may turn to Woodruff again this year, even though no such news has been announced yet. But her history of backing the Clinton Foundation financially complicates matters.

Woodruff’s $250 donation may seem small, but, in 2015, even the then-ombudsman for PBS Michael Getler publicly criticized her for it, calling it a “mistake.”

A PBS spokesman did not comment on the possibility of Woodruff moderating a debate but defended Woodruff’s donation and did not answer questions regarding the possibility of her moderating a debate this year in Virginia’s governor’s race, including whether she would disclose to viewers at the outset of the debate her clear financial conflicts of interest and her ties to the Clinton Foundation.

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