Clinton Endorses ‘Friend’ Justin Trudeau in Canadian Election

Clinton Endorses ‘Friend’ Justin Trudeau in Canadian Election

September 17, 2021

Friday on Twitter, failed presidential candidate and corrupt, vindictive, Saul Alinsky acolyte Hillary Clinton endorsed the re-election campaign of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a multiculturalist radical.

“I have seen my friend @JustinTrudeau show leadership in the fight for accessible child care, protected reproductive rights, and ambitious climate action. I’m wishing him and our progressive Canadian neighbors the best in Monday’s election,” Hil tweeted.

Her endorsement comes one day after former President Barack Obama threw his support behind Trudeau’s reelection: “Wishing my friend @JustinTrudeau the best in Canada’s upcoming election. Justin has been an effective leader and strong voice for democratic values, and I’m proud of the work we did together,” Obama tweeted.

Having the full-throated support of leftist radicals like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama says everything anyone needs to know about open-borders globalist Trudeau, one of the weakest leaders in the entire Western world.

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