Clift: Georgia’s Election Runoff Rule is ‘a Racist Rule’

Clift: Georgia’s Election Runoff Rule is ‘a Racist Rule’

December 14, 2020

Friday on McLaughlin Group Extra, The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift claimed falsely that Georgia’s runoff rule is “a racist rule” that was put in place “specifically to ensure white statewide winners.”

“No Democrat has ever won a runoff in Georgia. That runoff rule was put in place in the ’60s specifically to ensure white statewide winners,” she claimed without any evidence. “I mean, it’s a racist rule. So, this is an uphill climb for the Democrats.”

Absolute race-baiting nonsense. But any time the left cannot win something, whether it’s a debate or an election, their kneejerk excuse is that white racism is to blame. It’s worth adding that this is especially true for self-loathing white progressives like Clift, who cry racism more readily than blacks do.

Clift argued too, without evidence, that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has taken a softer line on coronavirus relief to help the Republican candidates in Georgia. This also is nonsense, but Clift and her fellow Democrats have weaponized the coronavirus politically from Day One in order to demonize Republicans. It’s what they do.

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