Cleaver: To Prevent a Split in U.S., We Need Natl Election Standards

Cleaver: To Prevent a Split in U.S., We Need Natl Election Standards

November 9, 2020

Friday on the Fox News Channel’s Your World, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver argued for a national election standard in the wake of the chaos of last week’s contentious presidential election, which remains undecided.

“This is the problem,” Cleaver said. “We don’t have national election standards. And we tell people we’re going to have a national election. And we don’t. We have hundreds or probably several thousand little elections all around the country. And if we want to get out of this and prevent ourselves from teetering on a split in the country, we need some national standards.”

Actually, the only standard we need to adhere to, which would help prevent the kind of chaos we’re currently experiencing, is honesty and transparency about the voting process. And Democrats refuse to adhere to that standard because they depend on massive voter fraud to compete in presidential elections.

“But the other thing we also need to understand is that chaos is not the friend of the United States,” Cleaver continued. “Democracy has always been fragile. And so chaos is not our friend. The people in — and Russia is our enemy, not our adversary. They’re our enemy. They’re probably dancing in the streets, at least in their souls.”

Actually, it is the Chinese regime that is celebrating the chaos and the possibility, which our media is promoting, that Democrat Joe Biden will win — because China has Biden in its pocket.

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