Cicilline on Relief Bill: Trump ‘Playing with People’s Lives’

Cicilline on Relief Bill: Trump ‘Playing with People’s Lives’

December 28, 2020

Thursday on CNN’s The Situation Room, Rep. David Cicilline accused President Trump of “playing with people’s lives” by not signing the so-called coronavirus stimulus bill.

Host/propagandist Wolf Blitzer began, “Holidays are here, but the country is facing the prospect of a government shutdown. Also the prospect that crucial pandemic benefits will expire for millions and millions of Americans who are in desperate need right now. Is all of this in the hands of the president right now?”

“Unfortunately, it is,” Cicilline replied. “What the president is doing is unconscionable. People are hurting, really suffering because of the economic consequences and the public health consequences of this pandemic. We worked together in a bipartisan way and passed a relief package that didn’t have nearly enough in it, but it was a down payment, a beginning that provides extended unemployment, eviction moratorium, direct cash to families, rental assistance, vaccine distribution, testing regime, really important stuff, and small business assistance. All of that is up in the air because the president has not decided whether or not he will sign this bill.”

Fact check: the reason Trump didn’t initially sign off on the bill (which he did Monday) is because it was packed with enough Democrat pork to choke the entire country. The vast majority of the bill was earmarked for foreign and corporate aid, not coronavirus relief for Americans.

“You know, this is not an episode of The Apprentice,” Cicilline sniped. “[Trump’s] playing with people’s lives, with the well-being of the American people who are in desperate need of this unemployment assistance, of these survival checks.”

Fact check: the draconian lockdowns and shutdowns of businesses all over the country by Democrat leaders themselves, like Cicilline, are the very reason Americans are desperate for financial assistance.

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