Cicilline: I See ‘No Evidence’ of Anti-Semitism Among Dems

Cicilline: I See ‘No Evidence’ of Anti-Semitism Among Dems

May 26, 2021

Tuesday on CNN’s AC360, Rep. David Cicilline tried to cover for his party’s pro-Palestinian Jew-hatred by asserting laughably that he sees “no evidence whatsoever in the Democratic caucus or in the Democratic Party of anti-Semitism at all.”

“In fact,” he continued, “the strongest voices that have condemned acts of anti-Semitism and this rise in anti-Semitic violence have been members of the Democratic caucus. But everyone should be condemning it. This is unacceptable in America that American Jews face any kind of discrimination or violence or harassment. And we’re the party that’s speaking out against hate and division and bigotry and racism and anti-Semitism.”

Correction: his party is the one that is sowing — not speaking out against — hate, division, bigotry, racism, and anti-Semitism. The Democrats are the party of the racist domestic terrorists of Black Lives Matter, of the racist division of Critical Race Theory, of anti-white bigotry, of race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Ibram X. Kendi, of anti-Semitic radical politicians like Ilhan Omar and her fellow “Squad” members, of supporters of the Jew-hating Iranian and Palestinian regimes, and more.

Meanwhile, Israel and the Jews never had a better friend in the White House than former President Trump, whom the left ludicrously smeared as anti-Semitic.

The blowhard Cicilline then pivoted to falsely accuse the GOP of being silent on the recent wave of anti-Semitic violence, which in fact is driven and legitimized by the left’s relentless condemnation of Israel as a purported apartheid state committing genocide against Arab Muslims.

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