Chris Matthews Calls Trump’s Rhetoric ‘Hitlerian’

Chris Matthews Calls Trump’s Rhetoric ‘Hitlerian’

July 30, 2019

Rather than address the validity of President Trump’s recent criticism of the rat-infested, failed city of Baltimore and its ineffective longtime Rep. Elijah Cummings, MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews described Trump’s language on Monday as “Hitlerian.”

“President Trump’s use of the word ‘infested’ to describe Congressman Cummings’ Baltimore district is a pattern that he uses only to refer to minority communities,” Matthews claimed.

He then listed a few examples in which Trump used the term “crime-infested” to refer to the districts of Sen. John Lewis and the four “congresswomen of color” known as “the Squad.”

“Infested, infested infested, it’s a word. It’s vermin. It’s a Hitlerian term,” he added, desperately trying to spin the narrative back to the media’s constant refrain that Trump is the new Hitler. “You go back and read Goebbels and all that stuff, it was all about the Jews in that case with the use of the word ‘vermin,’ ‘infested.’”


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