Chomsky: GOP ‘Dedicated’ to Making Survival Impossible

Chomsky: GOP ‘Dedicated’ to Making Survival Impossible

April 19, 2021

Sunday on MSNBC’s The Mehdi Hasan Show, ahead of this week’s planned virtual Earth Day Summit, leftist political activist Noam Chomsky slammed the GOP’s stance on purportedly man-made “climate change,” smearing the Republican Party as “dedicated with passion to ensuring that the survival of organized human society will be impossible.”

“They are the only organization in human history that is dedicated with passion to ensuring that… the survival of organized human society will be impossible,” the unhinged Chomsky ranted.” “That’s exactly their program since 2009 when they shifted to a denialist position under the impact of the Koch brothers’ juggernaut. Before that, when McCain was running, there was a moderate limited climate program.”

“The denialism — there’s nothing like that in human history,” he added, curiously neglecting to mention Holocaust denial. “It’s clear what is going to happen.” What is going to happen is that climate change will do whatever it wants to do. The left’s climate change hysteria is not about saving the planet — it is a power grab that is about the “Great Reset” and eradicating capitalism.

To give you some idea of Chomsky’s credibility and worldview as a political commentator: he has blamed the United States for the 9/11 attacks and labeled former President Donald Trump as worse than Adolf Hitler.

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