Chinese Ambassador Meets Yellen Ahead of Beijing Trip

Chinese Ambassador Meets Yellen Ahead of Beijing Trip

July 6, 2023

Clueless Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen met with Chinese Ambassador Xie Feng on Monday, ahead of her scheduled trip to Beijing this weekend. According to Chinese state media, Xie strove to send a “clear and positive message” that China is ready to improve bilateral relations.

Of course, China’s state-run Global Times portrayed the meeting as the pure and virtuous Chinese ambassador explaining to Yellen that Beijing has always done everything right, for all of the right reasons, and it is time for the United States to put aside its irrational obsession with little things such as forced labor, genocide, espionage, territorial aggression, and world-ravaging coronavirus plagues:

During the face-to-face meeting on Monday, Ambassador Xie noted that a healthy and stable China-US relationship is in the common interests of the two countries and is also the common expectation of the international community, according to a statement from the Chinese Embassy in the US.

China has always viewed and handled the bilateral relations in accordance with the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation, Xie said.

The Chinese ambassador highlighted the expectation that both sides should strengthen dialogue and carry out cooperation with sincerity, and help China-US relations to stabilize and return to the right track.

The Global Times hopefully recalled Yellen expressing her preference for “constructive” economic relations instead of “decoupling” from China. Communist China’s top international objective at the moment is putting an end to not just “decoupling” but even “de-risking,” a less severe strategy for diversifying supply chains and moving some manufacturing out of China instead of completely severing economic ties.

The far-left New York Times expected Yellen to do little more than open some lines of communication with Chinese Communist officials, noting that her meeting with Ambassador Xie on Monday was clearly a bit chilly despite all the official statements from both sides about how “productive” it was.

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