China Invites its Favorite Toady John Kerry to Climate Talks

China Invites its Favorite Toady John Kerry to Climate Talks

May 5, 2023

“Special Presidential Envoy for Climate” and Vietnam-era traitor John Kerry said on Wednesday that China invited him to visit “in the near term” for talks on climate change.

“This has to be cooperative, notwithstanding other differences that do exist. This is not a bilateral issue. This is a universal global threat to everybody in every nation,” Kerry insisted. “The two biggest economies, biggest contributors to that problem need to be able to come together and work to try to help resolve it,” Kerry said, adding:

China has invited me to visit in the near term to be able to meet with him [Chinese climate envoy Xie Zhenhua] to be able to work on work that we’ve been doing for several years, which is trying to find the pathway forward to be able to cooperate in ways that are beneficial to the world. And hopefully, we’ll be able to do that.

As Breitbart News noted,

Kerry once again illustrated why he is Communist China’s favorite American houseguest by refusing to criticize China’s titanic expansion of coal burning and its ongoing pollution, instead mumbling that he thinks Beijing has embraced the “terminology” of the Paris Climate Accord but has not “fully embraced” actually reducing its emissions.

None of this confused rhetoric does anything to dispel the impression that China loves to talk about climate change but has no intention of compromising its own energy production or industrial goals and in fact, seems to envision a world in which it utterly dominates heavy industry while the West cripples itself in the name of global warming. Even environmentalist organizations like Greenpeace, which usually refrain from criticizing China, have begun noticing the wide gap between Beijing’s rhetoric and its actions.

Kerry himself occasionally admits that China keeps none of its climate promises and sees the issue as a far lower priority than winning its contest for economic and political influence with the United States. Every few months, Kerry suggests China should pay climate reparations to poor countries allegedly suffering from global warming, and the Chinese resolutely ignore him.

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