Chicagoans: BLM ‘Not an Authentic Black Movement’

Chicagoans: BLM ‘Not an Authentic Black Movement’

October 1, 2020

In a short video documentary created by Rebel Pundit, black Chicagoans denounce Black Lives Matter (BLM) as a “fraud,” a “hoax,” and inauthentic.

“Black Lives Matter is a fraud,” Mark Carter declared in the video, alongside images of rioting. “This is the media creating this picture, this face, this imaginary— like the Wizard of Oz.” He blamed the media for using young people “to undermine the real black agenda to turn things around in the black community… This so-called Black Lives Matter movement — they’re not in these communities. It’s all a hoax.”

Activist Vetress Boyce said the organizations come into communities such as Chicago “as if they’re here to save our souls, but what they’re really doing is building their wealth off of the backs of poor people.” Boyce added: “It’s not an authentic black movement.”

“It’s only to keep up in confusion” and “dismantle the government,” Carter added, noting that the organizations “attach” themselves to issues such as police shootings, incarcerations, or reparations. Then “after they’ve done their pimping, then they get back on the plane and go back where they’re from.”

“They must be held accountable for using our children to try to cause upheaval, to cause more and more police shootings, to cause more disrespect that our children are starting to display for their parents and things because they’re being coached by these dangerous people,” Carter said.

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