Cher Wonders ‘When Texas Will Start Mandating Burqas’

Cher Wonders ‘When Texas Will Start Mandating Burqas’

September 2, 2021

Thursday on Twitter, unhinged social media maven and anti-Trump hysteric Cher asked “when Texas will start mandating Burqas,” in reaction to the state’s “heartbeat” pro-life abortion law.

“Wondering When Texas Senate Will Start Mandating Burqa’s⁉️” Cher tweeted in her uniquely illiterate style. “IF Texas IS Going 2 Take Women’s Rights Away THEY SHOULD AT LEAST FURNISH STATE AUTHORIZED UNIFORMS. WONT [be] LONG, TILL Texas OFFERS ‘HANDMAID’S TALE’ JEWELRY ON LINE. [Be] 1st. ON UR BLOCK 2 GET NEW ‘SHUT MY MOUTH’ LIP RINGS.”

Ironically and comically, many of Cher’s followers tweeted back accusing the former entertainer of “Islamophobic rhetoric” by criticizing the burqa, arguing falsely that women who wear them choose to do so.

“OK !! IM NOT ISLAMOPHOIC !! I WANT WOMEN 2 HAVE THE FREEDOM 2 CHOOSE !!” tweeted a defensive Cher.

She wants women to be able to choose a burqa and to choose to kill an inconvenient unborn child. The left is a cult of slavery and death.

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