Cher: ‘Trump’s Pulled the Plug on Democracy’

Cher: ‘Trump’s Pulled the Plug on Democracy’

May 28, 2019

Former entertainer Cher urged LGBT people to “mobilize” on Tuesday, declaring on Twitter that President Trump hates them and has “pulled the plug on democracy.”

Sharing a National Public Radio (NPR) article about a Trump administration proposal that would undo the redefinition of discrimination “on the basis of sex” to include discrimination against transgender people, Cher tweeted:

“Trump Administration Proposes Rule To Reverse Protections For Transgender Patients. NPR LGBTQ Friends Mobilize. trump & His Base Hate You & Want You Gone. LOOK WHAT HES DONE IN 2 YRS,& WE WATCH [TV], [SLEEP], [EAT], & MOAN. trump’s PULLED THE [PLUG] ON DEMOCRACY.”


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