Cher: Trump Wants to ‘Sacrifice’ the Elderly For His Economy

Cher: Trump Wants to ‘Sacrifice’ the Elderly For His Economy

March 27, 2020

Former entertainer Cher claimed on social media Thursday that President Trump wants to sacrifice her and her 93-year-old mother to help kick-start the U.S. economy amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The unhinged anti-Trump critic Cher, who recently deleted a tweet accusing Trump of murder in his handling of the pandemic, apparently is outraged that the president wants to see quarantined Americans return to work as soon as possible:

“For trump my mom & I Are Dispensable,Fodder For His InHumane Grist Mill,” Cher tweeted illiterately. “Well I HAVE Worked From1965 To 2020 & Perhaps I’m beyond HIS Sell By Date. As 4 Mom..all she does is make everybody Laugh..yes we’re Obviously The Ones Who should be sacrificed.For donald trumps Economy.”

It’s not “trumps Economy,” it’s America’s economy. The administration is taking every possible measure to contain the coronavirus and get millions of worried Americans back to work where they want to be. Celebrity hysteria doesn’t help anyone.

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