Cher: Trump Has People to Change Votes in His Favor

Cher: Trump Has People to Change Votes in His Favor

August 29, 2019

Former entertainer and current anti-Trump hysteric Cher took to Twitter Wednesday to suggest that the President has people to “change votes in his favor.”

Cher was initially triggered by a story in the Mississippi Clarion Ledger reporting that voting machines in two Mississippi counties changed votes in the state’s GOP gubernatorial primary runoff. A spokeswoman for the Secretary of State’s Office told the Clarion Ledger that three malfunctioning machines were being replaced. On one, only nineteen votes were cast on it before the malfunction was detected.

In response to this article, Cher tweeted (in her customary ALL CAPS illiteracy), “IS ANY1 GULLIBLE ENOUGH 2THINK trump DOESN’T”ALREADY HAVE”PPL 2 CHANGE VOTES IN HIS FAVOR!? AM SICK OF YELLING, & POUNDING [my fist] TILL [angry face emoji]. I WANT DIGNITY &KNOWLEDGE.”

If Cher wants dignity, she can refrain from conspiracy theories. If she wants knowledge, she can educate herself about widespread Democrat voter fraud.

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