Cher: ‘Trump and His Flying Monkeys Destroyed Iowa’

Cher: ‘Trump and His Flying Monkeys Destroyed Iowa’

February 6, 2020

Former singer Cher took to Twitter Tuesday, as she often does, to shriek at President Trump, this time for having “DESTROYED” Iowa along with “his flying monkeys.”

“I BELIEVE IT WAS trump AND HIS FLYING MONKEYS WHO DESTROYED’IOWA,’” she tweeted, adding ominously, “NOT KIDDING.TRUMP IS ABOUT TO SHOW U ‘EVIL’ WE NEVER KNEW EXISTED.” The tweet was accompanied by three cartoon-like images of the flying monkeys from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Cher didn’t explain the cryptic post, but it likely referred to Monday’s Iowa Caucus debacle.

Cher also ranted about Trump refusing to shake House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand prior to his State of the Union address that evening. “MISUNDERSTOOD..HE SNUBBED HER,” Cher tweeted “IVE BEEN ALIVE THROUGH 13 PRESIDENTS,& HES THE MOST VENGEFUL ILLITERATE,LIMP, IMITATION OF A MAN EVER.”

It would be tempting to dismiss Cher as a fringe anti-Trump hysteric, but in fact, she is representative of the entire unhinged Democrat Party.

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