Cher: Trump ‘A Traitor’ ‘Like No Other President in History’

Cher: Trump ‘A Traitor’ ‘Like No Other President in History’

January 13, 2020

Former entertainer and current anti-Trump hysteric Cher took to Twitter again on Friday to declare President Trump a “traitor to America like no other in history.”

After slamming Democrat presidential wannabe Tom Steyer, saying she “WOULDNT VOTE 4 TOM STEYER IF HE WAS LAST DEMOCRAT ON EARTH. ONLY A PERSON WITH EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE ALLOWED 2 RUN,” Cher turned her illiterate social media sights on Trump: “Donald trump HAS GUTTED, DESTABILIZED,& BEEN A TRAITOR TO [America] like no other present in history. Being president. of [America] SHOULDN’T BE ABLE 2 BE BOUGHT [money] ON A RICH MAN’S WHIM.”

Cher had previously attacked Trump in her uniquely juvenile style: “Why is it When Trump Has to Read One Of His Bullshit Speeches… 1.His tongue Swells. 2. His Teeth Get Loose. 3.His Lips Go Numb 4.He Forgets His Nose Spray. 5.He Needs Someone To Hold His Head Up. 6.Needs To Brush Up On English 7.Finish Last Dick & Jane Book.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.


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