Cher: Parental Rights Laws Will Lead to Gov-Sanctioned Violence

Cher: Parental Rights Laws Will Lead to Gov-Sanctioned Violence

April 12, 2022

Former entertainer and current anti-Trump Twitter maven Cher warned Sunday on social media that legislation like Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law will inevitably lead to government-sanctioned violence against gay and transgender people.

About the Florida law that would ban the teaching of sexuality and gender ideology to schoolchildren 9 years old and younger, Cher tweeted, in her inimitable, emoji-laced style, “Not just Florida.More than 12 states propose so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bills HAVE WE WORKED ALL THESE YRS,4 TOLERANCE UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTANCE,& [heart],2 SEE LGBTQ FAMILY PUSHED BACK 2 DARK AGES.THESE LAWS CAN ONLY BRING SUFFERING,& GOV SANCTIONED VIOLENCE [double exclamation mark]”

The political pundit Cher did not clarify how such commonsense legislation would lead to government-approved violence. The Florida law doesn’t even refer to “gay” or homosexuality. But Cher’s fear-mongering demonstrates that the sexual and ideological grooming of the youngest children is apparently a hill the Democrats are willing to die on.

Unfortunately for the Left, preventing such sick indoctrination is a hill the Right is willing to die on.

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