Cher: Only Dems Can Stop GOP’s Dream of White Supremacy

Cher: Only Dems Can Stop GOP’s Dream of White Supremacy

April 12, 2021

Last Friday on Twitter, social media hysteric and former entertainer Cher tweeted another illiterate, propagandist outburst to her 3.9 million followers, claiming falsely that only Democrats stand in the way of the Republican “dream of white supremacy.”

“’VOTER SUPPRESSION,’” Cher tweeted. “2 Words That Define Immoral Republican Pols. They Bring Jim Crow Back, Wrap Themselves In The,&Have Gone 2 ‘Whites Only’2BLK, ETHNIC,& POOR DEMS FROM VOTING,& WINNING.”

“IF THERE R NO DEMS 2 PROTECT,Gop WILL ACHIEVE THE DREAM THEY’VE4. ‘WHITE SUPREMACY,’” she continued in her inimitable, all-caps style.

“ITS GOP’S MANTRA ‘WHITE IS RIGHT’,& ‘ONLY THE RIGHT PPL SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE’ Why aren’t Dems Quaking in Their Boots About The Browning of. I’m Excited.We Are Better Together,” she added.

Fact check: for the millionth time, the only votes Republicans are trying to suppress in election integrity laws are illegal ones, but for Democrats, that’s unacceptable because they need those votes to win elections. Another fact check: Jim Crow laws were a Democrat creation.

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