Cher: ‘Miscreant’ Trump ‘Traded His Pathetic Soul to Putin’

Cher: ‘Miscreant’ Trump ‘Traded His Pathetic Soul to Putin’

September 7, 2019

Trump-obsessed Twitter hysteric Cher has taken to social media yet again to complain about President Trump, this time to label him a “miscreant” who “traded [his] pathetic soul” to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Reacting to a report that Trump turned down Putin’s alleged offer to purchase Russian hypersonic missiles in order to prevent an arms race, Cher spewed illiterately on Twitter, “Putin says he gave Trump the chance to buy Russian hypersonic missiles. trump IS [A] MISCREANT WHO TRADED [HIS] PATHETIC SOUL [TO] PUTIN, IN EXCHANGE [FOR THE U.S] PRESIDENCY.”

“Trump WILL BE REMEMBERED AS MOST CORRUPT, TREACHEROUS MAN IN [AMERICAN] HISTORY. [PRAYING] HE GETS WHAT HE DESERVES,” she continued. As noted by Breitbart News, the word “deserves” is sandwiched between two fire emojis, implying Cher believes Trump deserves to go to Hell.

Cher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has led her in the past to say of the President that he’s “a Liar, Thug, Crook, Traitor, & He’s Ruining My Beloved America.”


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