Cher Hopes Robert Mueller Resigns

Cher Hopes Robert Mueller Resigns

March 29, 2019

Former entertainer Cher expressed on social media Thursday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should resign in protest because his full report exonerating President Trump of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election has not been released yet.

“Robert Mueller Is [American] Hero,” Cher tweeted. “I [Pray] HE RESIGNS IN PROTEST, BECAUSE OF WAY trump’s Holding On 2 His Report, By His Grotesque Teeth‼️”

“trumps,An Odious,Loathsome,Disgusting Repulsive Excuse 4 a Man.He’s a CHEAP CON MAN,WHO’S IN [Love] WITH A N.KOREAN DICTATOR,& [Kisses] THE ASSES OF 3 MORE,” she added.

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