Cher: ‘F**k Those Heartless Republican Gutter Rats’

Cher: ‘F**k Those Heartless Republican Gutter Rats’

August 5, 2020

Former “Turn Back Time” lingerie model and current social media hysteric Cher tweeted on Monday, in her typically unhinged and illiterate style, that “Those Heartless Republican Gutter [rats]” in Congress are out of touch with Americans suffering from the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Washington is so lucky I’m not in office. I Would be protesting on capital steps, Swearing Like a Sailor,Fuck Those Heartless Republican Gutter [rats],” the former entertainer typed on Twitter. “They Probably Dont,Know Anyone who Has Lost,or Is Losing Their Job,House,apt,No one in trumps Family is Sick Or Losing Anything.”

Cher appeared to be referring to the Congressional wrestling match between Republicans and Democrats over the extension of federal unemployment benefits.

She also suggested recently on Twitter that President Trump wants to save only white people and white supremacists from the coronavirus. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and tragic.

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