Cher Falsely Claims GOP Allows Only White People to Vote

Cher Falsely Claims GOP Allows Only White People to Vote

May 3, 2021

Friday on Twitter, unhinged social media maven and former entertainer Cher claimed that Republicans allow only white people to vote, saying the GOP doesn’t understand why “black, brown, and native Americans” are allowed to vote in elections.

“Republicans Understand Racism,Cops Killing Blk Ppl Annoys Them,But Doesn’t Cause Them a Sleepless Night,& Since They Have No Ideas How 2 Build Back a Better ,They Do What They Do BEST, ONLY LET WHITE PPL VOTE.THEY STILL DONT KNOW WHY BLACK,BROWN,NATIVE AMERICANS R ALLOWED 2 VOTE,” she ranted in her uniquely illiterate style.

Cher was referring to GOP-led election integrity laws in states such as Georgia, Arizona, and Idaho, which are intended to combat massive Democrat voter fraud. The left, which needs fraud to win elections, smears such laws as Republican racism and voter suppression, claiming paternalistically that nonwhite voters are incapable of obtaining the government-issued identification such laws would require in order to allow voting.

Cher’s false, hateful accusations stem from a juvenile, willfully ignorant, bigoted mentality — which places her squarely in the Democrat mainstream.

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