Cher: ‘EVIL’ Trump Makes Journalists Kowtow to Him

Cher: ‘EVIL’ Trump Makes Journalists Kowtow to Him

December 27, 2019

Former entertainer and anti-Trump Twitter maven Cher warned that “EVIL” President Trump is “Beyond Redemption” and is a “MASTER” of making even left-wing journalists “kowtow” to his will.

Cher was responding to an interview given by NBC’s Meet The Press host Chuck Todd in Rolling Stone magazine, in which he admitted that he had been “just so absurdly naive” about how much of a “master of deception” Trump is. Todd had been fiercely criticized in the leftist news media for having given Republicans and conservatives a platform.

In her usual manner, illiterate even by Twitter standards, Cher wrote, “Chuck Todd’s Not ONLY TV Host Whose Show is Study In”[monkey]”Journalism. trump is,& Always Has Been a Liar,Criminal,&Beyond Redemption.trump CREATED an Atmosphere Of”Goodnight & Good Luck”&Joker”.EVIL MEN MAKE PPL FEARFUL,&KOWTOW 2 THEM.HE’S THEIR MASTER.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

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