Cher: Earth ‘Is Breathing Easier’ Since We ‘Stopped Assaulting It’

Cher: Earth ‘Is Breathing Easier’ Since We ‘Stopped Assaulting It’

April 14, 2020

Former entertainer and current anti-Trump hysteric Cher has joined many other air-headed celebrities who celebrate the coronavirus pandemic for helping pull the earth back from the brink of man-made destruction.

In her uniquely illiterate, emoji-laden style, the “If I Could Turn Back Time” lingerie model tweeted, “The [earth emoji] Is Breathing Easier Because We’ve Stopped Assaulting It.Look at Statistics. [The earth] Has Powers Of Regeneration, & Could 4give Us If We MAKE CHANGES.IF WE CONTINUE 2 DO NOTHING,THE [earth] WILL DO WHAT ”WE” DO 2 AN ENEMY,DESTROY IT [emojis for fire, tornado, and flooding]. Pandemic Could Be a 2nd Chance 2 Save Our [earth].”

In other unhinged tweets, Cher recently labeled President Trump a “murderer” for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and fear-mongered with the rumor that his administration is willing to sacrifice the lives of elderly people in order to re-boot the economy.

The uninformed rants of showbiz stars shouldn’t matter, but unfortunately celebrity is an influential megaphone.

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