Celebs Teaming Up With MoveOn.org for Mail-In Voting

Celebs Teaming Up With MoveOn.org for Mail-In Voting

May 12, 2020

Actor Tom Hanks, wife Rita Wilson, and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s voter registration nonprofit When We All Vote are partnering with the leftist MoveOn.org to push for mail-in voting for November.

“Join Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson by adding your name to fight for safe and fair elections,” MoveOn told recipients of an email petition. “With the threat of Covid-19 looming over the November election, Congress must act to ensure every American has the ability to cast their ballot safely and without unnecessary risk. Tell your elected officials to expand access to vote-by-mail, early voting, and online voter registration.

“States must offer multiple options for requesting, receiving, and returning mail-in ballots while maintaining the security of our voting system,” the petition continued.

Never letting a serious crisis go to waste, the Democrats are throwing all their energy into demanding mail-in voting for one reason only: the potential for voter fraud is astronomical, and fraud is the only way to beat Trump.

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