CBS News Confuses Rep. Lewis with Rep. Cummings

CBS News Confuses Rep. Lewis with Rep. Cummings

January 2, 2020

CBS Evening News has apologized for a photo mixup on air Monday in which it confused Rep. John Lewis with the late Rep. Elijah Cummings.

The initial story was in regard to Lewis’ recent announcement of his Stage IV pancreatic cancer diagnosis. But CBS Evening News accidentally used a photo of Cummings for the story, according to Breitbart News. Cummings had passed away on October 17.

“Tonight on the 6:30 p.m. ET broadcast of the CBS Evening News, one photograph was misidentified as Congressman John Lewis. We have replaced the photo in all broadcasts and platforms. We deeply regret the error,” the news outlet tweeted that afternoon.

Nevertheless, Twitter users were quick to condemn the gaffe. “Unnacceptable [sic] & racist! CBS once again proves they’re #FakeNews,” one person tweeted. “First you do this to @RepCummings and now to @repjohnlewis ? You must do better. Unacceptable. Let’s face it. You would never mix up two old white guys,” another user noted.

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