Castro: Trump ‘Likes to Terrorize’ Immigrant Families

Castro: Trump ‘Likes to Terrorize’ Immigrant Families

July 1, 2019

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, presidential hopeful Julián Castro claimed that President Trump enjoys terrorizing immigrants.

After praising law enforcement in Los Angeles and Chicago  for doing their jobs, Castro said, “The other thing is what’s very clear is that this president likes to terrorize immigrant families. He likes to scare them. He likes to use this issue as a political weapon to draw up fear and paranoia in his base and he thinks that this is gonna help him get re-elected with a narrow electoral college victory the way he got in 2016…

“He wants to scare these immigrant families, he wants self-deportation and to chill the others from participating in American life.. They don’t deserve to be terrorized like this.”

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