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Castro to Dems: Don’t Give Prez a ‘Clean Bill of Political Health’

September 6, 2019

White House hopeful Julian Castro warned House Dems this week that a failure to impeach President Trump will hand him a “clean bill of political health” for the election.

In an interview on Sirius XM’s Progress channel, Castro claimed that “the substance is there” for impeachment because Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report showed Trump “either obstructed justice or attempted to obstruct justice.”

“If we don’t move forward with impeachment against Donald Trump, what Trump is going to say in the fall of 2020 is, ‘You see, these folks that are always trying to investigate me, they talked a big game about impeachment. You know why they didn’t move forward with it? Because they didn’t have any evidence. I didn’t do anything wrong,’” Castro said. “So basically, you’re going to give him a clean bill of political health.”

The Democrats refuse to abandon their impeachment dreams despite a three-year investigation unearthing no evidence of Trump’s election collusion with Russia.

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