Castro: There’s Growing Anger, Impatience About Gun Control

Castro: There’s Growing Anger, Impatience About Gun Control

May 31, 2022

Monday on MSNBC Reports, former HUD Secretary Julian Castro said there was a “quiet growing anger and impatience” in Texas over a lack of gun legislation to address mass shootings.

Propagandist host Lawrence O’Donnell asked, “What did you learn in Uvalde?”

Castro replied, “Well, I learned that there was a tremendous amount of anger, of this quiet growing anger and impatience. The phrase that I heard most often from residents, from some of the extended family members of victims that I spoke to, was ‘something has to change.’”

He added, “People seem to want an all-of-the-above approach to ending these types of situations. They recognize that there are problems with their gun laws. I also heard a lot of folks say, why in the world did an 18-year-old have access to this type of a weapon? They agreed that school should be as secure as possible. They also think that mental health is an issue in some instances, and truth be told, Uvalde, which is only a city of about 20,000 people, heavily Mexican American, has been underserved in terms of social services, mental health care services for generations. So all of those things come into play when you ask folks just plainly, look, what do you think should be done if you want change?”

True, there are multiple issues at play here, but even more gun legislation will do nothing to stop gun violence like the Uvalde shooting. But that’s the Left’s default solution because their agenda is gun confiscation.

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