Castro Climate Plan Addresses Environmental Injustice, Racism

Castro Climate Plan Addresses Environmental Injustice, Racism

September 5, 2019

Presidential hopeful Julian Castro said during a CNN town hall Wednesday that his climate plan would address “environmental injustice and racism.”

“You all know that oftentimes the first folks that get flooded out are the poorest communities. They’re often communities of color. They’re the ones who can least afford to deal with the climate crisis,” he said.

Castro added that his climate plan calls for “new civil rights legislation” to address “environmental injustice,” including making sure people could file lawsuits against polluters. “That’s the environmental injustice and racism that we’re dealing with, and my plan would equip Americans with the tools to fight back and also make investments so that we can bring justice to what is right now a tremendous injustice.”

In the seven-hour CNN town hall, numerous Democrat White House contenders presented their proposals for exorbitant, bloated government programs to rescue the planet from the climate change boondoggle.


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