Castro: Candidates ‘Forget to Talk About the Poor’

Castro: Candidates ‘Forget to Talk About the Poor’

August 28, 2019

In Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday, presidential candidate Julian Castro said that while politicians tend to talk about the middle-class and its aspirations, he wants to use his campaign to “highlight the needs of people who are poor in our country.”

“In our country today, in communities like Las Vegas and many many other communities, we still have a lot of people who are hurting, a lot of people who are sleeping out on the street,” Castro stated.

“We can’t forget about the folks who are still struggling. And a lot of times in politics we talk about people reaching their dreams, we even talk about the middle class, and we often forget to talk about the poor,” he added.

If Castro truly wants to help the poor, he and his Dem cohorts can abandon their socialism, which drags everyone but the power elites into crushing poverty. Only capitalism can and has served as the “rising tide that lifts all boats,” elevating the mass of humanity into unprecedented prosperity.

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