Castro Campaign Mgr: Opposing Illegal Immigration Is ‘Racism’

Castro Campaign Mgr: Opposing Illegal Immigration Is ‘Racism’

September 20, 2019

In a tweet Thursday, Maya Rupert, campaign manager for White House hopeful Julián Castro, suggested it is racist to oppose illegal entry into America or fraudulent asylum claims.

Rupert’s remark came after Matt Wolking, the Deputy Director of Communications for President Trump’s 2020 campaign, responded to a tweet in which Castro bristled at being called an ally of drug cartels and human traffickers.

“What is Julian Castro so angry about here?” Wolking tweeted. “Does he support asylum fraud? Does he support catch and release? Does he support illegal entry into the U.S.?”

Rupert responded, “Racism. He’s angry about the obvious racism.” Wolking rightfully called her out for  irrelevantly playing the race card: “Julian Castro’s campaign manager says you are a racist if you: Oppose illegal entry into the United States / Oppose fraudulent asylum claims.”

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