Carville: Voters Don’t Trust GOP on Abortion — ‘They Keep Lying’

Carville: Voters Don’t Trust GOP on Abortion — ‘They Keep Lying’

November 9, 2023

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, Democrat consultant and political commentator James Carville said he believed Tuesday’s election results showed voters don’t trust Republicans on the issue of abortion because “they keep lying.”

Host Ari Melber asked, “What are the voters saying?”

Carville said, “Well, I think voters said that they don’t like being lied to. They did it in Kansas. They did it in Ohio. They tried to confuse people, change the wording.”

He continued, “People were fundamentally, didn’t want a 50-year right taken away from them. They particularly didn’t want to have a rigged system against it, and it backfired and blew up in their face.”

Carville added, “They keep lying. They say, well, Glenn Youngkin says, it’s a 15-week ban so that’s not what he talked about. No one trusts them on this issue.”

He concluded, “What an utter disaster. They continually believe, well, we can adjust our position. People do not trust you. You lied in Kansas. You lied in Ohio. You rigged the system against people, and people have caught on to this. They caught on in Virginia. They didn’t buy Glenn Youngkin who had his G5 ready to go to Des Moines on Wednesday morning after the election if he won.”

Carville is an old crank and propagandist, although it is true that Democrats don’t lie to voters about their stance on abortion. They make it very clear that not a single Dem politician is willing to put any limit whatsoever on abortion, because their Party is unabashed about being a death cult.

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