Carville: Trump Was Behind ‘Massive Criminal Act’ on Jan. 6

Carville: Trump Was Behind ‘Massive Criminal Act’ on Jan. 6

December 16, 2021

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, former Democrat strategist and irrelevant crank James Carville warned Americans they should “strap in” because the House select committee investigating the January 6 chaos at the Capitol will expose former President Donald Trump’s supposed complicity in what the left insists on calling an “insurrection.”

“It was a massive criminal act,” Carville blathered falsely. “The people who penetrated that Capitol were criminals. The people who helped them penetrate the Capitol were criminals. You’re a lawyer. You know this—if I drive the getaway car or I case the place out, I’m as guilty as the trigger man. That’s the way the law operates. They are going to find that members of Congress were aiding and abetting this, that Trump was behind it, major people in the administration were behind it.”

No, they’re not. Congress is going to find just what it found in its investigations into trumped-up accusations of Russian election collusion and the Ukraine scandal — nothing. Nada. Zero evidence of wrongdoing by Trump and his supporters. The January 6 investigation is political theater by the Democrats whose only hope to keep Trump from returning to power is to demonize him and his followers as fascists and domestic terrorists.

“We have to remember this was a massive criminal attack,” Carville declared hyperbolically. “It wasn’t just an assault on the temple of democracy or whatever we say, were criminals in that building. These were people on Fox who were aiding and abetting criminality. That’s not a good thing, not in a nation of laws. I hope they stay very, very aggressive and expose these criminals and the people that supported them to the very extent they possibly can. We’re going to find out a lot, a whole lot. Strap in, people. Strap in.”

Pure demagoguery and propaganda, which is all that Carville and MSNBC have to work with.

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