Carville: Trump Is Going to Get His ‘Fat A** Beat’ in November

Carville: Trump Is Going to Get His ‘Fat A** Beat’ in November

May 22, 2020

Thursday on The Stuttering John Podcast, lead Bill Clinton strategist James Carville claimed President Trump is going to get his “fat ass beat” by senile, incompetent Joe Biden in November.

The unhinged Carville ranted that Trump is “going to get his fat ass beat. Now, the question is by how much… If we go and take it to him and talk about what a massive, fat failure he his, then we can run away with this thing. The idea is not just to defeat Trump, you have to defeat Trumpism. You have to defeat the idea that the United States of America is a place and not an idea.

“And this idea that it’s all white people fighting against non-white people, men fighting against women, I don’t know, gay people fighting against non-gay people, it’s all bullshit, and call him on it,” he added. In fact, it’s Carville’s argument that is bullshit. Trump has never promoted such a vision of America.

Carville also had the gall to say Trump can win only by rigging the election. That’s pure projection, considering the only way Dems can win is via massive voter fraud.

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