Carville: Trump Is ‘Desperate’ He’s Going to Lose and Go to Jail

Carville: Trump Is ‘Desperate’ He’s Going to Lose and Go to Jail

September 16, 2020

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, Democrat strategist James Carville claimed ludicrously that President Trump agreed to do that evening’s ABC News town hall because he’s “desperate” and knows he’s going to lose.”

“I would get Michael Bloomberg to put up $500 million and run the actual town hall on television so everybody could see it,” Carville stated. “I mean, his inability to react or empathize with people is something staggering, and everybody’s trying to wonder why did he do this. He’s desperate because he knows he’s going to lose, and when he loses quite frankly, in my opinion, he’s going to jail, and he knows that. So why would he expose himself to a format that is completely ill-suited to him?

“I mean it was quite remarkable and, you know, having worked with Bill Clinton who is probably the best one-on-one politician that ever lived, to watch him the way that he reacts with people is just stunning, and as dismissive as he is with ordinary people, it’s really stunning maybe the 42% that are with him will stay, but, boy, he didn’t do himself any good tonight beyond that,” Carville added. “I didn’t see it in any way, shape, or form.”

The once-perceptive Carville, and his fellow Democrats, are completely detached from reality. They have been fantasizing for four years that Trump will go to jail, and deluding themselves that he will lose in November. Meanwhile Trump rolls on, making America great again.

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