Carville Supports an Election Recount: ‘Beat Him Twice’

Carville Supports an Election Recount: ‘Beat Him Twice’

November 11, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, Democratic strategist James Carville expressed his support for a recount of last week’s contested presidential election results so that Democrat candidate Joe Biden could “beat them again.”

“I urge them to recount everywhere. Beat him twice,” Carville stated. “I’m not satisfied with beating him once. Recount until you drop. I don’t care. And it’s going to be December 14 — I’m not sure, but the Constitution of the statutory that lays out when this is going to happen. And they’re out there scamming. They’re raising money, and they’re not even putting in the recount, and now they want Don, Jr. to run the RNC to scam more money. That’s all they’re trying to do here. This is just a fund-raising grift, and it doesn’t matter.”

“Really, I was upset about it this afternoon, and I watched the president-elect, and he really was a great leader,” Carville continued. “He calmed me down, and I feel very good. I think he’s exhibited real qualities of leadership. And like I say, please recount everything, you know? It’s always good to go out, you beat somebody, you beat him again. That’s what… the [New Orleans] Saints did to Tampa Bay. We beat them, and then we came back Sunday night, and we beat them again. Same thing is going to happen when they recount these votes. They’re going to lose twice.”

Carville is all bluster and propaganda. The GOP’s legal challenges and investigations into voter fraud are going to upend the left’s Narrative that Biden has won, and expose their ruthless win-at-all-costs power grab.

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