Carville Says Biden ‘Represents Stability’ to Dems

Carville Says Biden ‘Represents Stability’ to Dems

May 27, 2019

During an appearance Sunday on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable,” Democrat strategist James Carville said presidential hopeful Joe Biden “represents stability” in the Democratic Party and would bring the party back to the way things were under former President Barack Obama.

“I think Biden represents stability and a return to something Democrats are familiar with, that Obama administration,” Carville noted, “but doesn’t represent generational change.”

“Biden has one classic and good answer to everything. Anything that happened pre-2008, he [can say], ‘President Obama knew about all this. Looked at the totality of my record, and thought that, of all the people in the United States, I would make the best president besides him,’” he added.

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