Carville: ‘No Labels’ Just Offering ‘F—ing Bulls–t’ to Americans

Carville: ‘No Labels’ Just Offering ‘F—ing Bulls–t’ to Americans

August 11, 2023

In an interview with The Hill, Democrat strategist James Carville trashed No Labels, an organization pushing for a third-party presidential candidate in 2024 that critics worry could boost former President Trump’s chances at winning.

The former adviser to Bill Clinton accused “No Labels” of not being transparent with information about its funding and not having a clear message.

The organization’s website reads, “No Labels is working to ensure Americans have the choice to vote for a presidential ticket that features strong, effective, and honest leaders who will commit to working closely with both parties to find commonsense solutions to America’s biggest problems.”

Carville said, “No Labels is my favorite. They won’t tell you where their money comes from; they say they’re funded by undisclosed corporate dark money. And they won’t take a position on anything. But yet they’re offering the American people something new and fresh. That’s a good line of f—ing bull—t there.”

The strategist then predicted that Trump will be the GOP nominee, stating that the Republican base seems to “hate” everyone running against the former president. “If something happened, he’s convicted — I don’t know what — I think they hate everybody in the field, and everybody that’s run against him, in their mind, is aiding and abetting the enemy,” he said.

Carville’s slam of No Labels is further evidence that the Left is running scared about the decrepit Biden’s chances in the 2024 election.

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