Carville: Put the Razor Blades Away, Biden Will Win, ‘I Promise’

Carville: Put the Razor Blades Away, Biden Will Win, ‘I Promise’

November 4, 2020

Tuesday on MSNBC, Democratic strategist James Carville reassured his concerned fellow Democrats that they should “put away the razor blades” because their candidate Joe Biden will eventually win.

“First thing is, every Democrat just put the razor blades and Ambien back in the medicine cabinet. We’re going to be fine…” Carville said. “I think we’re going to be just fine. I’m very optimistic. I’ve been talking all night. People are rerunning the numbers, and we just have to hang in there, and we’re going to win this thing. I promise you.”

He continued, “But just, you know, stay up the night, watch the returns. We’re doing a good job. I’ll be able to crack it open maybe not tonight as I open, but I will crack that little puppy open before this is over.”

He added, “Look, I was more bullish. I feel that’s what I do in life. I always think I’m going to win. I never go into any contest with defeat on my mind. I do not have defeat on my mind. I have really good reasons to think that we’re going to be fine.”

He concluded, “I’ve talked to a lot of people tonight. It might take a bit longer to move on it, but everybody just hang in there. America’s coming back, and I feel good about where we are. Of course, I wish we were sitting here, you know, cracking open like this great bottle of champagne right now. But I’m going to put it on ice, and I think I’m going to crack it open about Friday. I’m optimistic. I really am.”

Carville is optimistic because his party is currently engaging in massive voter fraud to turn what was clearly going to be a Trump victory into a win for Biden. But Carville forgets that Trump too never has defeat on his mind, and he’s not going to let the Democrats steal this election.

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