Carville: Parts of Diversity Training Have Become a ‘Racket’

Carville: Parts of Diversity Training Have Become a ‘Racket’

May 31, 2021

Friday on HBO’s Real Time, former Bill Clinton Democratic strategist James Carville verged on telling the truth by noting that some of the left’s diversity training “has hit the racket stage.”

“I’m sure I do things in my everyday life that I could do better in terms of that,” Carville said. “But you start out and you say, ‘All right, you sorry white sack of racist shit,’ and then, okay, well, I don’t want to listen to you anymore. You’ve lost me there. If you start out and you say there are ways that you communicate with people that you don’t realize that there are things that you’re doing that send the wrong signal. I’m all ears.”

Carville continued: “But — and by the way, this guy [True Believer author] Eric Hoffer…said, every movement starts out as a cause, morphs into a business, and ends up a racket. Part of this diversity training stuff, I’m sure, has hit the racket stage.” He later added that some diversity training is beneficial, but anything can be taken too far.

It’s unclear what part is beneficial, and much more than just a “part” of the diversity training is a racket; it’s all a racket perpetrated by race hustling cultural Marxists, designed to inflame and maintain racial animosity and white guilt in order to divide and conquer the American people.

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